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Request a 2nd Opinion Or E-Consult

Ready to request your remote medical 2nd Opinion or E-Consult from One Smarter Health? Follow these eight steps to get started today.
Step 1: Talk to your physician

Discuss with your primary physician why you would like to have a 2nd Opinion from One Smarter Health. While this is not a restriction to obtaining services from us, it helps to discuss with your physician. In some cases, your physician may be able to complete a request for you. We cannot offer medical 2nd Opinions to patients who are residents of the United States or its territories.

Step 2: Gather your medical records

Review the 2nd Opinion Checklist to determine which medical records are appropriate to send to us and obtain a copy of those medical records and the reports of any diagnostic studies you have undergone in the course of being treated for your condition. Please include color pictures/photos with the medical records sent to us. These can be taken with any camera that provides clear, sharp images/icon. Close-ups and full area shots are helpful.

Please note that your physician's office and/or hospital may charge a fee for providing you a copy of your records. One Smarter Health is not responsible for fees charged by other health care providers in the assembling of your medical records for a medical 2nd Opinion.

Step 3: Fill out the Patient Intake Form

Complete the online Patient Intake Form.

Step 4: Fill out the Medical History Questionnaire

Complete the online Medical History Questionnaire.

Step 5: Fill out the Patient Disclaimer Form

Carefully review, date and sign the online Patient Disclaimer Form.

Step 6: Submit your online completed documents

Please send us the following completed documents:

Send to:

It is recommended that you submit all documents via our online portal. If for some reason, you can not use our portal, you can also email your material to

In rare instances we may accept documents via courier or regular mail:

One Smarter Health 2nd Opinion Program
ATTN: One Smarter Health
Location: 4031 Colonel Glenn Hwy, STE 100, Beavercreek, OHIO 45431-1601, USA
Phone: +1-937-344-6241 Email:

We recommend all correspondence be sent via a courier (FedEx, UPS, DHL, registered US Postal Mail, etc.) that tracks the delivery of packages and requires a signature when the package you sent arrives. One Smarter, Inc. does not assume liability for medical records lost by any courier, nor does One Smarter, Inc. endorse a specific courier. The patient assumes all liability related to the decision to use a particular courier or mail service.

Step 7: Receive your medical 2nd Opinion

A One Smarter team member in coordination with the consulting physician will provide a 2nd Opinion to you and/or to your physician.