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About Us

One Smarter Health, Inc. helps and supports you when you have questions about your medical diagnosis; pathology reports; need to contact a US-based specialist doctor; or visit the United States for specialized medical treatment.

In a new study, Mayo Clinic reports that as many as 88 percent of those patients go home with a new or refined diagnosis – changing their care plan and potentially their lives.

Johns Hopkins researchers reported that incorrect diagnoses were a third leading cause of death in the U.S., and the National Academy of Medicine found that nearly every person will experience at least one diagnostic error in their lifetime.

If you care for someone, here is when you should consider a 2nd Opinion:

  • When there is a new diagnosis
  • When surgery or a complex treatment plan is recommended
  • When new medications are added to a patient’s treatment
  • When you need to reconfirm a complex pathology analysis

Here are some real-life stories of patients who decided to get a 2 nd Opinion after they were not satisfied with a first diagnosis.

  • 'He could have died': Newborn is hospitalised with potentially deadly infection after first doctor ignored the baby boy's symptoms and told mother to 'give him Panadol'.
  • Pregnant with Cancer: A 2nd Opinion let a woman keep her baby while treating her cancer despite the first recommendation to end her pregnancy.
  • Doctors told her to lose weight. A 2nd Opinion found the problem was actually a 50-pound cyst.

Our Vision

We imagine a connected world of healthcare services. Without national boundaries. A seamless ecosystem where a patient anywhere can access the best specialist doctor at a click of a button and obtain advise and treatment options with care, dignity, and respect.

Our Mission

We started OneSmarter Health after personal experiences of taking care of family members and not having cost-efficient access to intelligent medical E-Consults, 2nd Opinions, and medical treatment options which we needed. Our mission is to make such services available to you.