Cancer is a word which is synonymous with anxiety, agony, pain, and stress to the patients as most of them believe that this is not a curable one. What is cancer and why this word is so excruciating? The term cancer refers to the uncontrollable growth of the cells which is beyond the normal limits. These cells can easily intrude and destroy adjacent healthy tissues. The cancer cells usually spread throughout the body via lymph and nods and this process is known as an invasion. Though cancer is a lethal disease, with the advancement of medical science and technology, now it is curable. There are many eminent and best cancer treatment centres in the worldespecially in the USA who provides unparalleled treatments to the patients who are suffering from cancer. But before entering this part, let’s acquire some more knowledge about cancer, its types, causes, diagnosis, and several methods of treatments.

Types of cancer

There are more than 120 types of cancer. Let’s take a look at some of the common types of cancer.

  • Breast cancer
  • Bladder cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Kidney cancer
  • Oral cancer
  • Blood cancer(leukaemia)
  • Bone and connective tissue cancer (sarcoma)
  • Immune system cancer (lymphoma and myeloma)
  • Prostate cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer

Causes of cancer

As per the medical experts, there are certain risk factors which may lead to cancer development. These risk factors are,

Age: When you are getting older, the chance of cancer risk also increases. This is because your immunity will decrease with your age and there are certain existing health conditions which can increase your risk of cancer.

Tobacco: Tobacco is one of the prime causes of cancer (directly or being around tobacco smoke). Excessive tobacco users may develop cancer-related to the mouth, respiratory system, and digestive system.

Sunlight: Excessive exposure in the sun may cause early ageing of skin and skin damage. These are the two main causes of skin cancer.

Some chemicals and other substances: A plethora of medical studies have claimed that certain chemicals like asbestos, benzene, benzidine, cadmium, nickel, or vinyl chloride in the workplace are responsible for developing cancer.

Ionizing radiation: Ionizing radiation can cause cell damage which may lead to cancer. This radiation usually comes from sources like X-rays, Radon gas, radioactivefallout, and so on.

Some bacteria and viruses: Certain bacteria and viruses may make you more susceptible to developing cancer. Viruses like HPV, EBV, HIV, HHV8, etc. can cause in developing some cancers.

Prevent steps for cancer

Now, take a look at some of the best ways to prevent cancer.

  • Stop using tobacco as soon as possible
  • Stay protected against sun and use sunglasses, umbrellas, and sunscreen whenever going outside.
  • Follow a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Consume alcohol in a moderate way.
  • Maintain your weight and try to remain active by doing physical activities
  • Go for vaccination against some viruses (Hepatitis B and HPV) which cause cancer
  • Always go for safe and protected intercourse.

How cancer is diagnosed?

When a tumour is suspected, certain tests(CT scan, X-ray, MRI, endoscopy, ultrasound, and biopsy) are conducted. These tests will help the doctors to understand the location, size, and severity of cancer.

Cancer treatment methods

Over the past few years, the astounding growth of medical sciences has made this pernicious disease curable. There are many treatments available which will help you to combat the disease. What type of treatment is the most suitable for you depends on the type of cancer you have and how advanced it is? Most of the reputed and the best cancer hospitals in the USA and other places usually follow the below treatment methods to cure your cancer.

Surgery: A surgical procedure is conducted by a surgeon to remove cancer from your body.

Radiation therapy: In this treatment method, high doses of radiation are used to kill your cancerous cells and this ray also lessens the size of the tumour.

Chemotherapy: Here some chemical drugs are used to kill the cancer cells.

Immunotherapy: This therapy actually helps your immune system to fight against cancer.

Hormone therapy: this therapy is used to treat breast and prostate cancer. Hormones are used to stop or slow the growth of cancerous cells.

Ayurvedic therapy: Though cancer can be treated with contemporary and modern medicines, still, many people believe that you can arrest this disease using Ayurveda. Ayurveda is an ancient Indian holistic medicine which uses plants and herbs to cure cancer. The cancer treatment in Indian Ayurveda is quite impressive. Moreover, there is no side effect in this natural therapy. That’s why many people are adopting this holistic approach to treat cancer.

Cancer Treatment in India vs the USA

Over the past few years, India has adopted many modern approaches to treat cancer, still, people are preferring abroad particular the USA for their treatment. Why? Let’s elaborate this with some facts

Case 1: The famous cricketer Yuvraj Singh went to the USA for his cancer treatment.His mother was quoted that the doctors in India gave him the wrong diagnoses and medications.

Case 2: The veteran actor Rishi Kapoor also went to the USA for his cancer treatment.

Though the average cost of cancer treatment in India is lower than in the USA, then why people are going to the USA for their survival?

Exceptional infrastructure and high care: All most all the hospitals in the USA possess the outstanding infrastructure and are equipped with the latest technologies and methods. That’s why they always provide high care and support to the patients who are suffering from this deadly disease. Moreover, the hospitals are flooded with a pool of talented and deft doctors who have exceptional knowledge and experience in the field of oncology and cancer treatment. Some of the top cancer hospitals in the USA are M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital, Mayo Clinic, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Johns Hopkins Hospital, UCSF Medical Center, and many more. All these hospitals offer unparalleled and cutting-edge treatments to cancer cursed patients.

The doctor-to-patient ratio is great: This is another prime reason why people are migrating to the USA for their cancer treatment. Though India offers impressive treatment for cancer care, still, the doctor-to-patient ratio is extremely poor here. In India, we have a plethora of cancer patients and the number is increasing every year. But as compared to the patients, we have only a fewer number of oncologists or experts here. This is because studying oncology is not a cup of tea and it takes a long time and that’s why most of the MBBS students opt for other specializations. But in the USA, there are more doctors as compared to the patients. A plethora of statistics has claimed that in India, every year, there are nearly 450,000 follow-up patients along with 50,000 new patients used to visit the doctors. But the expert doctor is nearly 150. On the other hand, in the USA, there are 700 specialists for 30,000 annual registrations of new patients. This is the reason when people can afford, they prefer the USA for better treatment.

Better survival rates: Americans use high technology in almost everything. They conduct too much testing to provide the best treatment for cancer care. Moreover, expensive cancer treatments like immunotherapy and robotic surgery for cancer are more widely available in the USA as compared to other countries. With such advance treatments, patients always have better survival rates here.

Speedy recovery:The climate in the USA is simply outstanding. The pleasant weather, no pollution, and soothing climate encourage a speedy recovery for the patients who are suffering from cancer. This is another reason why people prefer the USA over India for their cancer treatment.

These are some core reasons why the treatment in the USA is far better and advanced than the treatment in India.

Nowadays, you can also find the best cancer doctors in India who provide exceptional treatment and care to cancer patients. Moreover, the average cost of cancer treatment (2 lakhs with lower-priced drugs and nearly 20lakhs with targeted new drugs) in India is lower as compared to the USA. Still, for a second opinion or for advanced treatment, you should consider the USA or take consultation from an US-based doctor. A second opinion is always a wise decision for you and your loved ones. This is good as it helps you to check whether your doctor is on the right track or not. Moreover, this also boosts up your confidence level over your treatment.

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